How to Smoke Salvia Extract

Q: How to Smoke Salvia?
A: One of the most popular smoke products right now is Salvia. Likely you have heard a lot about it in recent months, but may be foggy on how to actually incorporate it into your recreational life. The bottom line for Salvia is that it is simple to use and that is why so many smokers are finding that it is a great addition to their smoke needs. Salvia Divinorum is a sage’s tool that is known for its potency. It has been used for centuries for its power to create vivid visions for users- they may experience powerful images from the future or the past. Sages love to work with the herbal tool for just that reason- it gives them insightful views into the unknown. Aztec Shaman used it to communicate with entities and spirits in the astral plane. They used their shared wisdom for divination, healing and spiritual functions. The good news is that no longer do you have to be a medicine man or woman to experience the same effect that Salvia offers. All you have to do is have a few items and you can tap into the same powerful state that Sages have to share their special wisdom with their tribes.

If you want to smoke Salvia, you are going to need a small list of items:

• Salvia extract
• A bong or water pipe
• A lighter (torch lighters work best)

When it comes to actually using the product, there are a number of ways you can do it. The most popular way is to use the above three items and smoke it. Here is what to do:

• Load the water pipe or bong with the salvia
• Make the setting as comfortable as possible- remember the point of this is to relax, so you want to make your area as peaceful and inviting as you can!
• Ask a friend to stay with you to make sure you have a good experience
• Light the bong and inhale
• Hand the bong off and just relax into the experience


Q: How long does the experience with salvia last?
A: The time the product lasts is going to depend on how good it is. That’s why you always want to buy from a reputable and high-quality seller. Remember that the places where you can purchase salvia are vast, but that doesn’t mean that they are the same in quality or high. You want to be sure you are buying from an upright and respected company that knows quality herbal products and only offers top-of-the-line blends. If you have quality product, then you are assured to have a great experience. How long it lasts though isn’t always the same for different smokers. The astral experience usually comes on almost immediately and lasts on average for fifteen to twenty minutes. Although, if you are the first-hand smoker then it is likely going to feel like hours before your high is over.


Q: What exactly does it feel like to enter the astral plane?
A: The astral world is one that people for centuries have strived to experience. Luckily, herbs like salvia open the door wide to this world. Explaining the “feeling” of the astral plane, however, isn’t that easy but here is a simple way to understand it. Let’s say you cut your finger. You naturally are going to feel a pain from that, but it is completely a physical response to the injury. Your nerve endings sense the tearing of skin and your brain translates that into “pain.”In the astral world though, there is no physical pain. In this world, a cut would be experienced emotionally as pain, rather than physical. The same can be said of joy, peace, love, pleasure, etc. In the astral plane, these are all felt on an emotional level.


Q: Is salvia legal where I live?
A: TSalvia’s legality has been called into question as of late throughout the world. The bottom line though is that only one country has deemed it illegal- Australia. If you aren’t there, then you have nothing to worry about.


Q: Can salvia be ingested directly rather than smoked through a bong?
A: Definitely! A lot of users like to eat salvia rather than smoke it through a water pipe, or bong. Their highs may not be as intense, but for newer users this may be the perfect option. Eating it is an alternative that more and more people are looking to when they don’t necessarily want an overwhelming experience, or don’t have the time for it! Salvia also can be made into a relaxing herbal tea!


Q: Will salvia cause me to fail a urine test at work?
A: It won’t show up on drug tests and it is completely non-habit forming. It isn’t made with powerful and addictive nicotine, but rather is completely herbal and safe. Even if the herb did ever show up on a drug test, remember that it is legal!


Q: Is smoking salvia dangerous or harmful to my body?
A: Salvia is much less harmful to your body than tobacco or cannabis smoke. It is made from non-nicotine based products and completely natural. This is what keeps it safe for any user- whether they are smoking it, eating it or drinking it in tea form. Users all over the world report smoking salvia to be very smooth and relaxing to their overall stress levels.


Q: Do I need someone to sit with me when I smoke salvia?
A: You can have someone sit with you, but more users opt to make a party out of it! They see getting together as a way of enjoying the herb in a group setting as even more fulfilling. It isn’t required to have someone sit with you, but why not? What better way to experience the astral world than with your closes friends?

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